Sunday, February 18, 2018

Hello Again

Well after almost two years I found that this blog still exists. I had thought it destroyed in a personal mess and decided to bring it back to life. I am going to continue what I was doing here and will be slowly coming back to posting.

However there will be differences in that it will be focused more on classic and retro gaming. I am done with Castles & Crusades and most clones except for BFRPG and S&W. For the most part D&D based gaming will be based in 'Classic' (BECMI) D&D and Advanced D&D (both 1e and 2e). Oh and I am also going to be doing some with other table top, non rpg games. Other content will remain the same and I am going to be adding new links and such to the page to reflect the changes.

Hopefully withing the month I will get a better posting schedule going and finish some idea I had going. I have found some of my unfinished projects and will be going over them to finally get them out.

Thanks for the patience.


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