Tuesday, June 28, 2016

5e Campaign Done, Back to Yggsburgh

Sadly my 5e Eberron game went out with a whimper and not a bang. Faced with some players moving away and a few cancellation due to health reasons the campaign saw an untimely death. 5e was fun but I also had a hard time writing for it and did not have the time to set up encounters or to keep checking the rule books for various answers to questions. As well, with a mid-week game and a fluctuating group it was time to look at another option.

I decided to go back to what I did best and that was a system that I could run with little prep time and that I could wing on the fly. That system is my old AD&D/C&C hybrid with a few things added in from systems like 3.X D&D and now 5e. The beauty is that I will not have to keep checking rule books and I can use pretty much everything I own when writing and creating adventures.

Of course you need a world for this and I felt it was time to run a new Yggsburgh campaign with also working on building up a world around the original map of the mini-setting. This time around I decided to place it in a world that is basically an alternate Earth with Yggsburgh itself being somewhere on the British Isles in the newly formed country of Calontir in the province of Gaxmoor.

I also am planning on using this world to continue my crossover work between Magic and D&D and as a testing ground for some other ideas. As well, I have decided to go back to some fun times I have had with the hobby and have decided to steal from everywhere and let players have some input on the world itself.

 For example, I am teaching my son how to play and he is a big Zelda fan. So to make it personal for him I had the elves worshiping a certain three goddesses from the series. Also being a fan of Skyrim I am making the main Nordic type deity Talos from that series. So if I see something I like I will more than likely use it, modify it or include it without any reservations. Much as I used to do.

To add in a bit of excitement to this I finally convinced my wife and daughter to join the game and play with the new group. This excites me more as I have always wanted them in the game at some point.

So here we go back to fun but familiar ground with new ideas and a fresh take.

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