Tuesday, May 10, 2016

5 Odd and Creepy YouTube Videos

Those that know me know that I have a love for all things surreal, strange and downright creepy. I spend many nights browsing the internet for videos of the strange and unusual. Between creepypastas and videos I have read or watched quite a bit and felt like I wanted to share. What follows are five videos that I felt fit a certain dynamic of surrealism, creepiness and horror factors.

There are no jump scares here and there is only gore if it is relevant. If you do not like things that can and will be disturbing, please pass on this post.

1. The Hand Thing

Shaye Saint John was the brainchild of Eric Fouriner who conceived the character as a former supermodel that was in an accident and replaced most of her body with mannequin parts. The videos are campy and disturbing on a surreal level rather than being outright shocking.

Fouriner died in 2010 but leaves us Shaye, and the hand thing, as a legacy of weird.

Shaye's Website

2.  Dining Room or There is Nothing

This one still disturbs me even after seeing it many times. Dining Room/There is Nothing is one of those videos that come right out of a nightmare. It is a one minute or so looped film that I will let you watch to get the idea. Despite the lower quality of it and the simplicity it remains a disturbing thing to watch, especially on an continuous loop.

3. Illusion of Bias

I really don't know what to say about this one other than it is solid nightmare fuel. Part surrealism and part body horror Illusion of Bias mixes the two well in what becomes something more engrossing than most modern horror movies. There is a great narrative here that is worth the watch.

4. Elisa Lam

This one would not be creepy if you did not know the story behind it. Elisa Lam was the victim of a very strange series of events that led to her death. The above video is the last known recording of her. Since the story is too long to place here so follow this link to a good summary of the story.

5. The Backwater Gospel

Maybe not so much creepy as it is a cautionary tale in a western horror genre. I love the animation and music style as well as there being a solid story wrapped up in six or so minutes. This story also screams Deadlands and if I ever get to run a game of it I will be using it. 

That's it for this five videos. I will be looking for more and if you have suggestions let me know in the comments.

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