Tuesday, April 26, 2016


As you can see I now have what consider partner sites.

The first is my friend 'Kitty's' YouTube page where she is currently doing some video gaming episodes and will be expanding from that. I try to keep up with her channel and we do know each other in real life. I can tell you she is good at what she does. I can't wait to see more from her and I may invite her to do some guest posts here.

Second is the Facebook page for the Raven's Loft which is the homebase of my campaign and gaming life right now. Great store, great people and a dedicated Old School Gaming following.

Finally is the Lebanon Mo Gamer's Guild. Basically this trying to be the hub of the Lebanon Mo gaming scene. I want to help them get there.

As you can see the partners are all Lebanon area businesses or gamers. One thing I want the new blog and any other thing I do to include is on a rich and growing gaming scene in this little area of Missouri. It has a unique culture and feel of it's own and something I am happy to call mine.

One last thing, there are some plans that are forming that if they work out will do some things I have wanted to do for some time. Nothing is set in stone but stay tuned as we hammer out the details.

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