Monday, April 11, 2016

Eberron Beginnings

Jumping off of my last post I want to lay out exactly what material is being used for my Eberron campaign and what is being included beyond any 'official' material to date. This is being done with the assumption from the 3.5 Eberron Campaign Setting that if it is in D&D it has a place in Eberron. Now, that does not mean I am including any and all material as I feel any addition has to have a somewhat logical reason for being there and I do not want a kitchen sink campaign. However, some things are being included that have sparked an interest in seeing how it would fit into the setting.

I also want to say that I am in no way an Eberron expert. I only own the core setting book and any other knowledge comes from certain forums and websites I visit. A plus to this is that it leaves quite a bit open to what I want to do with the setting to make for a unique experience. I am not to worried about canon as long as believeibility and immersion are maintained.

So to start here is the basics of what I am using: 

Core 5e books with the Eladrin and Aasimar open to players

3.5 Eberron Campaign Setting

WOTC's Eberron Conversions

WOTC's Elemental Evil Player's Companion Aarakocra removed and an adjustment to the Goliath (I will follow this up in a later post)

I am also looking at some of the alternate takes on the Artificer as I agree there are problems with the class as a Wizard path instead of a full class. Since no one has taken an interest in the class, I have time. 

I have also been using the Eberron Wiki and5e Homebrew Wiki to get ideas on how to fill in some blanks. 

I am also slowly working toward converting monsters, creating backgrounds and converting spells for the campaign but I do not want to share anything just yet since none of this is ready for public consumption. Designing for 5e is a bit tougher than designing for C&C or AD&D so I want to make sure all is in good shape before I post anything. 

As far as this Eberron post goes that is all. While I feel this is kind of filler I want everyone to be on the same page as far as how I am going about things. The meatier posts will come. 

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